February 1994

A feasibility study for Harmon Avenue from Arville Street to Swenson Street was completed.

November 1997

A feasibility study for Valley View Boulevard from Tropicana Avenue to Flamingo Road was completed.

November 2000

A feasibility study was initiated for a roadway connection between Harmon Avenue and Valley View Boulevard on either side of the UPRR tracks.

March 2004

A public meeting was held to discuss the various concepts of a grade separation of Harmon Avenue, Valley View Boulevard and UPRR tracks.

May 2004

The construction of the Harmon Avenue Bridge over I-15 connecting Polaris Avenue to Las Vegas Boulevard was completed.

May 2004

County staff presented to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) five feasible concepts for a grade-separated structure at the intersection of Harmon Avenue/Valley View Boulevard/UPRR.  The Board directed staff to further analyze Concepts 1, 3, and 4.  The concepts chosen for further analysis are described below:

Concept 1 - Elevated, Four-Leg, Signalized Intersection.

Concept 3 - Elevated Harmon Avenue over and a depressed Valley View Boulevard under the Union Pacific Railroad Main Line. 

Concept 4 - Elevated Harmon Avenue and Valley View Boulevard over UPRR with loop ramps and one signalized Intersection.

August 2004

County staff provided the BCC additional analysis and information including costs, benefits and air quality for Concept 1, 3, and 4.  County staff also presented a modified design of Concept 4, named Concept 4B.  The BCC selected Concept 4B to begin preliminary and final design for construction of the grade separation.

December 2005

70% construction drawing submittal


Right-of-way acquisition and property owner coordination.


The construction documents at 90% level
Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad
Re-start design to finalize plans. Waterline relocation. Add Decatur to Wynn.
Start construction on relocation of 84-inch water line.
Construction Started on 84-inch pipeline relocation
Construction Started on Harmon/Valley View/UPRR Grade Separation

















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