Clark County Public Works is proposing transportation improvements within the resort corridor consisting of connecting Harmon Avenue and Valley View Boulevard with a grade separation over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. 

The purpose of this project is to improve access to and through the resort corridor.  The resort corridor is the primary destination for many vehicle trips in the Las Vegas Valley.  Access to the resort corridor to and from the west is limited by Interstate 15 and the UPRR tracks. 

This project provides the final link in the continuation of two important transportation corridors, Harmon Avenue and Valley View Boulevard.  Harmon Avenue is an east/west arterial roadway from Jones Boulevard to Swenson Street, serving traffic demands from UNLV, major strip resort properties, Citizens Area Transit facilities, as well as important local industrial and service businesses. 

The proposed grade separation is part of a multi-phase project that, when completed, will provide a continuous east-west connection from the Spring Valley area to the Strip.  The first phase of the project was completed in 2004 and consisted of the bridge over I-15, which connected Polaris Avenue to Las Vegas Boulevard.  Subsequent phases are planned to be completed within the next five years (subject to available funding) and are shown on the Harmon Ultimate exhibit

The futures phases of Harmon Avenue include:

1. Provide six lanes on Harmon Ave from Las Vegas Blvd to Koval Ln.
2. Provide a Harmon Ave crossing over Flamingo Wash to complete the connection from Arville St to Wynn Rd.
3. Provide improvements on Harmon Ave between Jones Blvd and Decatur Blvd.

The Harmon Project is needed to alleviate congestion on Tropicana Avenue and Flamingo Road and to provide an additional “back door” access to the resort corridor and the planned development in the resort corridor.

Valley View Boulevard, a north/south arterial roadway, will be continuous from Blue Diamond Road (SR 160) to Washington Avenue after the completion of the project.  Valley View Boulevard will become the first north/south continuous roadway west of the I-15 providing an alternative to I-15 for approximately 10 miles.  The project will widen Valley View Boulevard to provide three southbound through lanes from Flamingo Road to Harmon Avenue and Harmon Avenue to Tropicana Avenue. In the northbound direction, three through lanes will be provided from Harmon Avenue to Flamingo Road, but only two through lanes from Harmon Avenue to Tropicana Avenue.

Valley View Boulevard and Harmon Avenue are each expected to serve more than 40,000 vehicles per day by 2025.

Funding will be provided by the Master Transportation Improvement Funds.










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